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Our People

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Tanakrit (Chansin) Tangburanakij


Tanakrit is a leading lawyer in digital media, brand management, transactional IP, cybercrime, data breach and enforcement matters involving trademarks, copyrights and patents. He has handled patent work for some of the world’s leading companies in the petrochemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, and software industries. He has also extensively advised major foreign productions and streaming companies filming movies and doing businesses in Thailand. He has a Gold Band rating by World Trademark Review, has been named IP expert by Asia IP Law, and is ranked by the Legal 500, IAM Patent and Chambers. He  served as President of the Intellectual Property Association of Thailand, and is currently an Enforcement Committee member of the APAA Recognized Group of Thailand. Tanakrit holds an LL.B, LL.M, and a further LL.M.

Email : Tanakrit@lexel.co.th

Radeemada Mungkarndee


Dr. Radeemada is a highly qualified Registered Patent Attorney with over 20 years of extensive experience in the complete life cycle of IP. Alongside her tenure at leading law firms, she also held a managerial position in IP management and commercialization section at one of Thailand’s largest innovative companies. Her educational background includes an LL.B., a B.Sc. in Chemistry, an M.Sc. in Petrochemistry and Polymer Science, and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology with a focus on bioinformatics and chemometrics data analysis. Driven by her multidisciplinary knowledge, Radeemada possesses the ability to comprehend intricate technologies and uncover the underlying legal issues. Her primary areas of expertise encompass patents, trade secrets, plant variety protection, biodiversity, patent licensing, technology transfer, and R&D contracts.

Within the domain of patents, Radeemada provides proactive guidance to inventors in Thailand, assisting them in creating patentable inventions. She skillfully drafts patent applications and develops strategies for global patent filing, ensuring comprehensive protection. Radeemada’s expertise extends to managing patent portfolios for exploitation and commercialization, helping inventors maximize the value of their intellectual property. In addition, for her international clients, Radeemada leverages her extensive experience to adeptly respond to office actions from Thai examiners. She adeptly addresses patentability issues across a wide range of technological fields, employing her in-depth knowledge to overcome challenges and secure favorable outcomes.

Specifically in the life sciences sector, she provides business-oriented guidance, aiming to facilitate the transition of numerous research institutes’ innovations into commercial ventures by treating intellectual property as a valuable asset.

Acknowledging her exceptional proficiency, Radeemada has earned recognition as one of the World’s Leading Patent Professionals by IAM and holds a ranking in the Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide. Currently, she serves as a member of the Patent Committee for the APAA Recognized Group of Thailand and also contributes as a committee member for Patents and Plant Varieties Protection for the Intellectual Property Association of Thailand.

Email : rm@lexel.co.th

Praewpan Hinchiranan (Am)


Praewpan (Am) has extensive experience advising in all areas of IP law, including anti-piracy and enforcement, border control, civil and criminal action, trademarks and movie production. She has advised major multinational and local companies on IP issues such as copyright, trademarks, IP registration and protection, IP licensing and advertisement, including the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and nutrition, mechanical and construction industries. Am has successfully assisted clients in taking down infringing websites and in resolving online piracy. She has conducted anti-piracy campaigns on behalf of multinationals against retailers, wholesalers, warehouses and importers in relation, among others, to mobile devices, auto parts, cosmetics, security locks, toys, apparel and accessories. Am has been named an IP Expert by Asia IP Law and a Rising Star in Intellectual Property by the Legal 500. She holds an LL.B and an LL.M.

Email : am@lexel.co.th

Tienkul Kangwanwong


Tienkul is a registered Thai patent lawyer and highly qualified as a specialist having an LL.B. and a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Chemistry. He has experience in the patent process from patentability analysis, patent specification drafting and patent prosecution in Thailand and overseas. Prior to becoming a patent lawyer, he had R&D experience in leading innovative companies in Thailand and overseas.

Thaniya Anuchitolarn


Thaniya has extensive experience in anti-piracy and enforcement, border control, and civil and criminal enforcement action having developed a network of connections with investigators and law enforcement officers to complement her legal knowledge. She has successfully assisted major multinational and local clients in conducting police raids, anti-piracy campaigns, taking down infringing websites and in resolving online piracy against retailers, wholesalers, storage facilities and importers in relation, among others, to clothing, mobile devices and accessories, auto parts, cosmetics, toys, heavy duty tools, food, etc., bearing internationally and nationally known trademarks and famous copyrighted cartoon characters.

Dharin Nantananate


Dharin is both legally and technically qualified, having an LL.B. from a premier university and a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences (Biotechnology). She also has several years’ experience working for a large international law firm. She advises clients on general IP matters and due to her specialized background on technical matters such as life science regulations on plant varieties and biodiversity. She also has extensive experience on patentability analysis, patent specification drafting and patent prosecution in Thailand and overseas for lifesciences inventions. Dharin has advised multinational companies that leverage the internet, innovation and technology to grow their businesses. Her work includes both transactional and advisory work on matters such as IP licensing, R&D agreements, IT outsourcing, software licensing, cloud computing, e-commerce, e-signatures, digital media, advertising, and telecommunications. Dharin has also worked for numerous clients to implement the processes, policies, and legal documents required to comply with the Thai Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and industry-specific data privacy regulations. Her clients are from various industries, including retail, fintech, manufacturing, travel and hospitality. Dharin has been described by clients as “very talented, smart, hard-working, fast and flexible to adjust to changing circumstances, capitalizing on growth opportunities”. She also identifies and analyzes specific legal risks to client’s innovations and proposes appropriate solutions.

Poonsawat Paechotrattanakul

Patent Consultant

Poonsawat is a patent consultant specialized in chemistry. His practice primarily focuses on prior art search and patentability analysis, patent drafting and patent prosecution. He regularly assists clients for a wide range of technical fields, including chemistry, catalysts, water purification technology, energy storage, chemical /electrochemical sensor, nanomaterials / 2D materials.

Chutikarn Jaengphop

Patent Consultant

Chutikarn is a patent consultant with a background in biochemistry. Her expertise lies in molecular biology, biosensors, cellular biology and microbiology. She has experience in analyses (whether client’s inventions are patentable and whether subject matters of biotech/ pharma inventions are eligible for patent protection), patent drafting, and conducting patent examiner interviews in support of the prosecution of patent applications.


Nithipong Mapratiep

Patent Consultant

Nithipong is a life-science professional with strong background in biological science, especially in the fields of microbiology, virology, genetics, and cell biology. Nithipong started his career as a patent consultant to assist both domestic and international clients regarding intellectual property protection. His expertise includes technical translation, patentability analysis, patent drafting and preparing responses to office actions.

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